“The Insanity of God”: a special invitation from Dave Keesling

Dear Friends in Christ,

This e-mail is unlike any you have received from me in the past. I want to share a link to enable you to watch one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen: “The Insanity of God.”

I read the book a number of years ago and wept with conviction about the tendency I have had to fight against all my life to be satisfied with an “easy Christianity.” The movie is no less compelling and convicting. We watched it as a home fellowship group two weeks ago, and everyone there was unable to speak for several minutes afterward.

To see the movie, click the link below and provide them with your e-mail address. They will send you your own link for watching the movie. They will also give you the opportunity to receive your own copy of the movie on DVD if you make a contribution to their ministry.


This free look is made possible by Revelation Media. If you wish to support them with at least the price of a movie, I’m sure they would be grateful. May the Lord bless each and every one of you who, like me, keep trying for a deeper dive into the heart of the Father.



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