A Special Offer

A Special Offer

As a current subscriber to my daily devotionals, I wanted you to know about a special offer being extended through September 30.

FREE SHIPPING will be given for the paperback version of the book Life In Real Time if ordered before September 30. You’ll find 365 thought-provoking devotionals in a beautiful, keepsake book…740 pages printed on onion-skin paper, a wonderful addition to your devotional resources.

In addition, we will include a free packet of LifeCards…a $9.95 value.

That’s right…order a single copy of Life In Real Time for the normal price of $18.99 and receive a packet of LifeCards plus free shipping.

Go to my web site to learn more about the book and/or LifeCards: www.lifeinrealtimeonline.com. Both Life in Real Time and the LifeCards make wonderful gifts for the approaching holiday season; quantity discounts are given on the web site. Free shipping applies to all quantities.

To place your order, please email or phone me directly. I can help you place the order so as to override the web store’s pricing and shipping costs.

dave@lifeinrealtimeonline.com     719-687-6834



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