Devotional Book in time for Christmas!

Many of you have written to ask when the daily devotionals would be published in book form. I know it must seem like it’s taken forever, but they’re here!

The book, called Life In Real Time, contains 365 Devotionals. There is both a glossy cover paperback version and a very high-quality leather-like version. Both are printed on onion skin paper, so even though they are 750 pages, the books are only about an inch thick.

The leather-like version comes in a beautiful gift box, and has a ribbon to mark you reading progress as well as gold-gilded edges.

Either version would make wonderful gifts for Christmas, or any other time of year. Discounts are offered for purchases of quantities sent to the same address. Please visit the web site to place your order:

And one other thing: when you are ordering, there is a place on the “store” page for comments. If you would like me to sign the books “generically”, you can let me know by asking in that space. And if you would like me to sign them addressed to specific folks, I would be glad to do that, too; just provide their names.

Publishing these books has been a partnership with our friends at The Baptist Foundation of Alabama. I can’t thank them enough. And it is your encouragement received in notes on a daily basis that has really been responsible for the effort. I am grateful to those of you who read, and those who write back. Each of us is on an amazing journey with the Lord, and my prayer for the devotionals is that they would have the effect of drawing both you and me deeper into the heart of the Father. Try this: just sit quietly and read Song of Songs 8:6-7, allowing Him to press the reality of those verses into your heart.

Whiel you’re at it, please feel free to encourage your friends and family to go to the web site to sign up to receive the daily devotionals.


Dave Keesling

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