1 Timothy 6:20 “O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you.”

Observation: In a few minutes my daughter, Rachel, and I will be leaving the home we have shared for the past six months as we drive to the State of Maine so she can settle in to medical school. 

Last night late, Rachel and I sat together simply savoring the intensity of the changes now before us. While I am on this trip, the sale of my home is to be concluded. This makes Rachel’s transition all the more bittersweet, as we both know she will not be returning to this house—this place where she and I established new ways of living after my wife Cindy’s death. In a very real sense, we are both feeling a fresh wave of loss because of that.

Application: But as I read the phrase, “Guard what has been entrusted to you,” I am heartened again with the reminder that Rachel and I have a call to go forward. None of us knows what the future holds, but I do know that one day literally everything I see, and everything I know of this world, will in an instant, be changed, as the Lord Jesus returns to earth to claim His own. Meanwhile, I am called to use whatever gifts and talents He has given me in service of the advance of His kingdom. 

He has entrusted much to each of us who love Him. We are, literally, the fulfillment, the embodiment, of His purpose on earth, as we have traded our life’s devastation and loss for His life of eternal joy and peace. He calls us to guard those things, nurture them, practice making use of them. How are we to do that? The rest of the verse tells us: “avoiding worldly and empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called ‘knowledge.’”

Prayer: Lord, as we drive away, I pray that the Lord would so firmly fix our eyes upon Jesus over these next two weeks that worldly and empty chatter would hold no attraction. Bless us, Lord, as we walk into the future You have prepared. And cause us to continually reflect upon Your overwhelming goodness in our lives as the things of this world dim in comparison to the light of Your marvelous grace.

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  1. Debbie Ervin Avatar
    Debbie Ervin

    I have been readying your devotionals for the past several weeks now. I am so sorry for the loss of your wife. And now to be taking your daughter on her new journey.
    I feel a closeness to you even though we have never met. I find myself on a journey with you as I read whats on your heart. I have never know a love such as you have in your heart, although Jesus speaks of this “Agape Love”. We all want to know this type of love.
    My prayer are with you. Sometimes I will put in quotes on my Facebook page, a paragraph from your devotionals with your name below it. I Hope this is OK. I just want to share with all my friends the beauty that is in your heart.
    Thank you so much for giving to all of us.

  2. Jimmy Burnsed Avatar
    Jimmy Burnsed

    The title caught my attention (transition). My Boss asked me Friday to give him my retirement plans (transition) in the next 30 days. We have a mandatory retirement of age 70 from the board (Iwas 70 last July). I had hoped to work on in a fulltime employee capacity for the forseeable future even after retiring from the board. Maybe they will give me 2 more years. But transition is coming!
    God Bless you for your unique approach to your devotionals.

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