Chapter 1

For some time now I have been encouraged from numerous quarters to write a book reflecting Cindy's and my struggles toward spiritual health even as we faced life with her multiple sclerosis. I have resisted for a number of reasons, but in the last few weeks it has seemed that God had joined in the chorus of encouragement.

So, I've begun.

The first chapter is posted on my web site. It's there for the purpose of urging your own reflections on your experiences of loss . . . how God dealt with your heart issues, and references to Scripture that became particularly meaningful to you as a part of your own journey toward wholeness in the Lord. My hope is that you would go to the comment box at the bottom of Chapter 1 and write to me as the Lord leads. It may well be that some of what you write could, with your permission, find its way into this new book; it should certainly be true that your comments will inform and improve my own writings.

So please . . . this is your invitation to explore and give voice to some of what the Lord has shown you over the years. To participate, please go prayerfully to this link: 

Thank you, with my love and appreciation, thank you.

Dave Keesling

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