Reader Comments

I write this note in great appreciation of the impact your book has made on my life since receiving it two weeks ago. My very dear friend Melinda lovingly gave your book to me and I have treasured it each day as I read it.

I work for our church and am a single parent of a beautiful 3½ year-old daughter, Loralea. Her father left us 10 months ago to pursue a relationship with another woman and has since filed for divorce. While we are in the beginning stages of this process, the trauma of all this is something we face each day. Our precious Heavenly Father continues to provide and comfort us.

There have been some days in the past two weeks that I have literally clutched this book to my heart. The picture of Jesus reaching out His hand made me want to hang on to the book as tight as I could. My husband will play two sides of the fence at times and I shout out to my Heavenly Father to help me see and do what He wants.

At the beginning of this year, I chose Jeremiah 29:11 as our family verse for Loralea and me. Then I read through the Preface, turned the page and there is Jesus once again reaching out His hand and that verse is written out. I cried, knowing God is watching and taking care of us. He will see us through. His way and purpose are difficult to understand at times but I know His plan is perfect.

Thank you for sharing this book. God has truly blessed me with what I’ve read so far. To Him I give the glory. Serving One, Colette

Just a quick note to let you know that I talked with my brother in law, Steve, last night via the telephone. He was both impressed with your book and touched by it. He reads it each day and really has been renewed by it. He was more talkative and relaxed than I can ever remember him being in all the years I have known him. Your inspiration leaves a major positive mark on yet another person. God continues to work through you and bless those of us who know you. John

Bless your heart, Dave! All the books arrived one day apart….just when I needed them. Jana’s arrived yesterday about 2 hours before she came to my house for her first introduction to the names of God. This will be so wonderful in her growth. She asked about ordering one of your books, and I made a face…..and she knew I’d already ordered her one. Last night when I gave it to her, she held it to her chest and said that she would treasure it always. She said, “And it FEELS good, too.” Then she laughed and told me she’d ordered one for her mother and for her 3 brothers and sisters. The two other recipients loved them, and one girl is going to take it out of the country with her for a month. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into these books, those long mornings or nights when I know you sometimes didn’t feel like writing. The Lord and I (and many others) noticed. Blessings especially for today, Melinda

Good morning Dave, I just received my case of “Journey”. They are beautiful and the art work is wonderful. Praise be to the Father who gives all beauty and wonder. I can’t wait to start sharing them with the girls in my Bible study. Thank you, Linda

I shared the first book I ordered with the Friday morning men’s prayer group in which I’m involved and everyone wanted a copy – a number wanted extras for their children. Besides being a very attractive book, the format has tremendous appeal – Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. Beth and I are challenged daily by the devotionals. Thanks for your faithfulness in journaling your devotionals and being available to be used of the Lord in such a significant way. Norm

As I reflect on the journey that God has taken me these past 13 months, it has been in credible to see God at work in perfecting this vessel for His use.

I am humbled and in awe at our GREAT SOVEREIGN GOD; that He is patient and long suffering with us (me especially). Thank you for being a part of His
working in my life through your devotional writings. There were many very bleak dark days that what He gave you to write that particular day was what I needed. At times, it was instruction or exhortation or encouragement, so thank you for being that servant of the Lord.

During this journey, I had the privilege of seeing God bring the resources from people that I had just met briefly, folks who don’t have much but what they have is the Lord’s and some past friends and family join with me and God’s ministry in Poland. Therefore, I can take no credit for what has come in.

My love for the Lord has deepened resulting in a strong desire to serve Him daily. It is exciting to see this chapter close and new one begin as I serve Him in Lubin, Poland.

Praise God for the technology of the day, so please keep your hand to the plow and know that your service to the Lord is not in vain.

May the God of comfort be yours during the holidays – at times the holidays can take it’s toll but isn’t wonderful knowing a LIVING & LOVING GOD. Rejoicing in Him, Louise, SEND International, Lubin, Poland

There are so many times I have felt your pain over losing your wife. May God bless you this holiday season. I visit my friend, the one who introduced me to Christ and who baptized me 31 years ago, at least once a week. He has MS and is paralyzed and in a nursing home. I can really relate to you. Thank you for all you do for the church and for me. In Jesus’ love, Sande

Thank you for these devotionals. You have no idea how meaningful today’s devotional was. I have really, really struggled at times with “is only God really enough for me”?, especially when one of our children died and not only was I dealing with the grief of loss but also feelings of not getting my “God share”.

In the 17 years since, that period of grief and turmoil has given me a profound thankfulness for what have been given and an empathy for those that I minister to. God is good, all the time! is not just a clever saying for my wife and me. Yours in Christ! Keith

I just couldn’t help but send this to you. THIS is what your devotionals have done for Helen. They keep a running dialogue between the two of us. I have not suggested that she get your devotionals directly into her own email, because I can write her something about each one this way as I send it to her, and she is beginning to make the connections. Since context is king, I suggested that she begin to read some of the backgrounds of your devotionals….hence, her response for you to read. I hope it will encourage you when you are tired and still writing daily. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and stay off your motorcycle in bad weather!!!! Thanks for writing for all of us each day. It’s making such a difference in our lives. Jerry loves them all, too…and so does our daughter, Elizabeth in Portland, OR. May He heap blessing upon blessing on you, dear Dave! Melinda

I want you to know what a blessing your Life Journal has been to me!. It is a part of my daily worship!. Keep up the good work. The Holy Spirit is using your words to teach and bless many, I’m sure! Dave

How your words apply to me. I am struck anew by God’s desire for me. I can only believe that to be true when I remember He is seeing me through the filter of Christ. I know that it is Christ He sees, for He has promised me thus! Thank you for the reminder. I really think you should compile your journal into a devotional. I have not been so touched since I read The Valley of Vision…before that, My Utmost For His Highest. Most other devotionals have been too sappy or childish. I always prefer the Bible to books ABOUT the Bible, so I avoid “devotionals” as a rule….except for those two. You have a gift…or a calling. At the very least, you have touched me repeatedly. I am sure others tell you the same. Think about it.
In Christ, Patty

I’m at a place right now where I need to collect, remember and construct a pillar to my Lord, the most High God made with the “Stones of remembrance”. Thank you My God for using Dave to reach my heart today and touch me to remind me of the many, many rivers You have carried me across. This time is temporal and life without you is carnal and worthless. Worry is sin and fear is of the evil one. It’s You and You alone I desire to follow and it’s You and You alone that will calm the storm and desire me to trust You more through this circumstance. All things come first through Your hands to mature me and glorify You in my life. Help me Father to see each situation as an opportunity for Your Glory and be blessed because You will enable me to do all things through Christ Jesus. You know Lord that I am Your daughter and You trust me to accomplish this walk because You know who I am in You and with You beside me I have no need of fear nor worry. I give it up to You Father and will seek Your guidance and listen for Your voice and counsel. Lord again refresh me with Your Holy Spirit and may I be worthy of this challenge to glorify You and learn trust in You, empathy and patience as I wait upon You to bring the Victory once again. Thank You my Father, My Savior and the sweet Comforter, Your Holy Spirit. And Lord do please bless brother Dave for his faithfulness to reach out to others in Your Name to encourage each of us through Your Word. Amen. Kind regards, Noni

We want to thank you today for the Daily Life Journal that the Good Lord laid upon your heart. Your honesty and frankness and expressions of pain, that JESUS carried you through, in HIS matchless perfect ways, really ministered to our hearts. God uses you for His glory, Dave. Thanks for your willingness. Praise be to Him! I am excited to meet Cindy someday in Gloryland! What you do for people is a blessing for generations to come. I hope you get that eternal view as well as I see it. Cindy